Lights, Camera, Action: Making Kingston Heritage Trail

I contributed to the Kingston Heritage Trail in 2012 – you can read about my experience of being a ‘talking head’ historian and watch the result on History@Kingston.


Just before I started my PhD at Kingston University in 2012, I took part in the Kingston Heritage Trails project. The project was a collaborative effort between the Centre for the Historical Record, Kingston’s Sustainability Hub and Kingston Museum. It was part of a bigger project, Kingston Trails, which aimed to highlight the green and historic aspects of our local area.

My part in Kingston Heritage Trail involved picking a historic site, researching it, writing a short script about its history and then, terrifyingly, presenting this to camera. When I did my MA at Kingston, I’d been very lucky to take on a placement at Lion Television but I had been very much behind the scenes rather than in front of a camera, so the prospect of becoming a ‘TV historian’ for a day was daunting.

Nick Barratt from Sticks Research Agency and The National Archives came…

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