Inspired by Richard Blackmore, who shared their #RhymeYourPhD this morning, here’s my thesis in rhyming form. The idea came over the weekend from Liesbeth Corens – you can read about the inspiration behind it on Richard’s post here (which includes his excellent contribution). I can’t remember the last time I wrote something in rhyme, but this was a perfect procrastination activity to ease the way back into the thesis after the winter break, and one of my resolutions is to blog more so here goes:

Queer love in public history

remains something of a mystery.

In our museums, historic houses and archives,

We see little representation of marginalised lives.

Searching for lesbians in the TNA

You’re more likely to find steam ships, hey.

Companion, bachelor, scandal, spinster,

Euphemisms as bad as rulings from Westminster.

Surely it’s about time we started to see

a more representative history.

You can share yours on Twitter using #RhymeYourPhD!


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