Queer Objects of Affection

Here’s a link to my post on the Emotional Objects blog.

Emotional Objects: Touching Emotions in History

Claire Hayward is a History PhD candidate at Kingston University. Her thesis explores representations of same-sex love in public history, including museums, historic houses, archives and monuments. She writes her own blog at https://exploringpublichistories.wordpress.com/ and tweets from @HaywardCL

Queer Objects of Affection

In an interview in 1981, Michel Foucault said that it was not sexual acts between men that troubled people, but love:

To imagine a sexual act that doesn’t conform to law or nature is not what disturbs people. But that individuals begin to love one another – there’s the problem.[i]

When considering the way in which same-sex love is represented in museums today, love between people of the same sex is equally problematic. Part of the research for my PhD thesis focuses on the way same-sex love is represented in museums, and it has become clear that while there are historic objects relating to the history of…

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